Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Education Through Insomnia

What do you do when sleep is elusive? It seems the harder I try to get back to sleep after a middle of the night break, the more difficult it is. For instance, I woke about 3 a.m. today suffering a night sweat and excessive thirst. I drank from my always present water supply and opened a window to let in the night air. I would almost doze off but all of a sudden, I'd be wide awake again. I did a load of laundry, ate a bowl of ice cream, read a chapter in a book. After each task I'd lie down and wait a while to allow sleep to come back to me. About 4 a.m. I gave up and turned to my MAC and Google.

I have no idea what prompted the phrase that came to mind, but I didn't question it; I just googled it. Here's the result in the Number One position: 5 Body Mysteries Explained by Science. As I read, I could imagine my grandchildren saying, "Oh, gross, Granny."

That article lead to another of equal interest: 5 Douchebag Behaviors Explained by Science

By 6 a.m., a respectable time to start the day, I knew all about piss shivers, black hairy tongues, men who can talk of nothing but their weightlifting, aging old assholes, and other similar areas of interest.

I didn't have a good night's sleep, but I have a plethora of interesting topics for conversation starters. Now, if I can only find someone else who might be interested in such things.

I hope you had a good night.

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