Sunday, May 6, 2012

A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY by Joshilyn Jackson

This book is pure delight. It's nothing fancy but is a really good read.

Ginny, known as Big to her daughter and granddaughter, gave birth to Liza when Ginny was fifteen years old.
Then when Liza, now called Little by her mother, was fifteen she gave birth and refused to tell anyone who the father of her child was. With Mosey approaching fifteen, this household of females is feeling the pressure of the fifteen-year evil that seems to come their way.

I laughed: Mosey hasn't even been out with a boy but she steals pregnancy kits to test herself at home since she's so sure that by some hook or crook she'll be pregnant at fifteen.

Liza, now thirty, has a stroke and is stuck inside herself with little means of communication.

While removing a tree and its stump from Ginny's yard, the handyman uncovers a box containing the bones of a baby.
The search for the identity of the child brings out revelations about all three of the women. Also involved is Mosey's best friend, a teenaged boy who is a nerd. Mosey and Roger befriend a classmate of Mosey's who is from a large family of ne'er-do-wells. This child played on my empathy and I rooted for her.

Throw in a little romance, a family of snobs, rescuing dogs ... or people ... who need fixing and you have a recipe for a page-turner.

You won't go wrong with this one. I give it four stars.

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