Friday, August 3, 2012



 Several weeks ago I read THE FOREVER MARRIAGE by Ann Bauer, shown here with her daughter when they were in Ames earlier in the summer.

This is a powerful book and should be a must read for anyone whose marriage seems to have gone stale, or never had quite the zip one expected.

I  had trouble deciding what to tell without giving away spoilers, so I cut and pasted a few sentences from Ann's blog. She can tell you in her own words:

The Forever Marriage is about the union of two mismatched people: a quiet, thoughtful, self-effacing man and a brash, sexually-charged woman who wants more—no matter how much she has. They stumble into a lifetime commitment, and then parenthood, despite constant awkwardness and muddled communication. Their intimacy is marred from the beginning. Neither is satisfied. But for 20 years, they keep bumbling along.
It is not until the husband has died that the wife in my story can find and love and feel one with the man that he was.

Ann's style has been compared to that of Anne Tyler, Sue Miller and Elizabeth Berg.

It's not too late for another good book for the summer. Choose a day in which there are no obligations. You won't be able to put it down. An easy five stars!


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