Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two jewels for the price of one!

I love it when I beat my friends in finding a new jewel. This time I found two stuck together.
The first is the book GIRLCHILD and the bonus is the author of that book, Tupelo Hassman.
How could you not love someone named Tupelo?

GIRLCHILD is about a third-generation resident of a trailer park. All of the things you've heard, in jokes and on the street, regarding the lowlife in trailer parks, come into play in this wonderful little book.

Rory Dawn Hendrix is a smart little girl who uses a tattered old copy of the Girl Scout's HANDBOOK as her guide to life. She's formed her own troop with a membership of one.

Social Services labels her mother as "feeble-minded" and RD feels as though she's responsible for her mother's happiness and well-being. It's a big burden for a child. She purposefully lost out in a spelling bee so she wouldn't have to travel to the next level and leave her mother behind.

GIRLCHILD is full with such touching antidotes. It's style is rarely seen ... unnumbered chapters, each three pages or less. You may think this would make it easier to read on the run as the breaks come more often. You would be so wrong because once you start, there is no stopping.

Join in as RD journeys toward leaving the trailer park behind.

Read this excerpt:,

and this awesome review from NPR:

I can hardly wait until the next book by this author.

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